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Capturing The Essence of Family at #AxiooFamTour
by Keefe
Dec 2019


If there is the most perfect time to reconnect with your loved ones, Christmas definitely tops our all-time list. Whether you have something special planned or simply enjoying quiet moments together, sharing the family vibes and spreading love during the holiday is one of the most essential parts of celebrating Christmas.


Here at Axioo Family, we totally believe in the spirit of togetherness, especially during Christmas time and the holidays. Inspired by that wonderful feeling of joy, we decided to do what matters most : being close to people whom we care most and sharing moments with those who never stop supporting us. And that person is YOU!



This December, we packed our bags and decided to hit the road on the most exciting



With a three-day agenda, from the 2nd to 4th December, our minds were filled with the anticipation of meeting our clients and their family. It was hard choosing just one location to visit, but the destination was set and off we went to Surabaya, or SilverStone Studio of Surabaya to be exact.


The city of heroes immediately felt like home to us, especially when we got the outpouring love and support by some of the most fantastic vendors. Kicking off our first day, the accommodating peeps of SilverStone Studio welcomed us in their stunning venue, which was lovingly-decorated with a touch of magic by none other than Peanut Butter Jelly. We absolutely adored the simple Christmas vibes that was relaxing, warm and absolutely on-point.


When everything was set and ready, the amazing event specialists of FlyWheel Organizer put our show in motion. And there we were, finally seeing everyone up close and personal in a friendly meet-up and photoshoots. We arranged for 21 photo session slots and they were filled out by enthusiastic families in no time.


Needless to say, it was the best feeling ever to see our wonderful clients and their families. Each of our Surabaya friends was unique with stories of their own to tell, inspiring and heartwarming in their own ways. It’s always been a dream of ours to listen to you and capture your family moments, and we certainly made the right choice by visiting Surabaya.


For all the best time during our #AxiooFamTour in Surabaya, we are eternally grateful for the experience. Thank you once again to SilverStone Studio, Peanut Butter Jelly, FlyWheel Organizer and last but not least, out Surabaya Axioo Family. You guys rock our world!


Until the next #AxiooFamTour, we wish everyone Happy Holidays. Let’s keep the family spirit alive and make this Christmas the best one yet, shall we?


Axioo Family

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