It’s Time to Write a New Story
The Journey of Meli & Irma by AXIOO
Dec 2019

Hola! Meli and Irma here. If you don’t see us very often, here’s why: Though our presence might not always be seen on this platform, it can always be felt… Because we are the visualists of Axioo — Meli a brilliant stylist and Irma a gifted designer. Both of us love that we get to do this, so we would like to tell you the story of our journey walking with Axioo for the past 10 years.


From Irma’s eyes…

For me, it all started with a goal — to enter an influential company by the age of 25. I was working in the photography industry, and when I saw Axioo, it was like love at first sight. I just knew I had to join the team. The next thing I knew, I was stepping into a small office at Gandaria. True story, they actually didn’t have any job vacancies for designers… they only had one for a video editor, and my video editing skills were nonexistent. I was willing to learn, though. All I knew was that I wanted to work at Axioo. So, I then met with Ronny, who was supposed to interview me for the video editor position. After having a look at my portfolio, he asked me to wait a couple of hours to talk to Ting Ting. A few days later, I got a call that changed my life. I got the job at Axioo… as a designer!



From Meli’s eyes…

My background was interior design, and I was doing it as a freelancer. When I saw my brother-in-law, Paulus, I thought of how fun it would be to work in the photography industry. And so my best friend, Pupu, offered me a job as a stylist at Axioo. There were only 2 photographers back then, and I was the only stylist replacing Pupu. When my boss, Awie, met me, his first impression was that I looked very fragile because of my petite figure. He doubted if I could ever handle the workload. LOL. Did I have it all together at the start? Not even close! I was so lost, so clueless on my first day. But what touched me was the warmth that the Axioo family gave me during my early days as a stylist here. They surprised me with a cake on my birthday, even though I hadn’t known everybody yet. I was so touched, I even teared up on the spot!



What Axioo means to us…

When did we start falling in love with this place, you ask? Well, it was when we realised how much we cherish the people we get to work with. They are neither colleagues nor friends — they have become family, regardless of the department that they’re in. Not one person is not supportive of others, solving every obstacle that comes their way without false judgement, but through teamwork. Axioo has truly been a haven for us, a place for us to grow and learn through overcoming the challenges that we face every single day.


We didn’t know that we were gonna spend almost 10 years of our lives here. Especially for designers and stylists, things can feel a bit repetitive at times. But what motivates us to keep doing our best is to remember that the clients still deserve the best because they don’t see the repetitiveness in it. What they see is a masterpiece that is tailored to their wishes.


One major thing that both of us learned from our time here at Axioo is teamwork. A single piece of photograph wouldn’t exist without the hard work and the synergy of a team — a collaboration of the stylists, photographers, clients, and office boys. Everything would just be impossible without the inner workings of the team. Working at Axioo has taught us valuable lessons on how to deal with people, how to manage them, how to be patient, how to be a leader, even to the most practical stuff like how to use InDesign (because Irma had absolutely no clue about it at the start).


Throughout the time we spent at Axioo, we learned that life has its seasons, even with our lives at work. Throughout those seasons, we should always keep on working hard and pour out the best of our creative gifts. There is a time for everything, and we will definitely miss setting up the studio, buying nearby street snacks in the middle of the afternoon, the atmosphere and the chaos of pre-wedding photoshoots. Most of all, we will definitely miss the people that we get to work with at Axioo.


Almost 10 years have passed, and it is time for us both to finish the marathon, close the chapter, and enter a new season. We have just birthed our new business — Ivory and Pen. It was purely coincidental, we did not have plans for it at all. All we knew was that we were trying to solve a problem that we had: we lacked good backgrounds for our flat lay photos. We took matters into our own hands and voila! We thought that it would be something good to sell on the market. The road is still long ahead of us, there will be lots of trials and errors that we will have to go through, and we still have to build everything from scratch. But from what we have learnt during our time at Axioo, we know that better days are ahead of us, always, if we choose to work hard and work joyfully.


So, here we are, at the start of something new, trusting the process now more than ever. We would like to thank our heroes at Axioo, our former bosses and colleagues, who have helped us write our stories up to this point. We wouldn’t be where we are without you.



Meli & Irma


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