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The Greatest Gift of All
by Vania
Dec 2019


From the day your pregnancy news broke to the day your water broke, a baby is an ever changing story of roller coaster ride. Isn’t it funny how at her smallest size, a baby already holds the biggest meanings of life?


Once a mother steps into maternity, life no longer is the same in every possible way. We’re not just talking about the physical or the hormonal change, but also the emotional impacts that the tiny seed inside your tummy can bring.


Some mothers may take the news of pregnancy as the best kind of surprise, others maybe not so much. Regardless of how a woman sees her it, we believe that pregnancy is ultimately a blessing. We have the fullest conviction and that is it’s just a matter of time that tells what kind of blessing a baby brings.


Each maternity journey can vary from delightful to maybe stressful too. It can be especially hard for some, while super easy for others. For those who fall into the not-so-great category, it can be hard to appreciate the process but like how we always say, “ the more the challenge, the more worthwhile it is”. At the end of the day, getting a change of perspective can be the last drop of fuel you need to keep going.

The whole 9-month ride is not short, but will be some of the most life-changing ones.


Your body does this amazing unexplainable change from time to time, so much that you’ll be humbled by the glory of God’s best creations : you and your baby. The power that a woman’s body holds should be enough reason for all mothers to persist on, no matter how difficult the entire thing may be.


As the baby is getting ready to make an entrance, you can say that it’s similar to the ride’s build-up. Once out of this world, you’ll feel the relief as if you’ve just passed the biggest loop and drop of the entire rollercoaster ride. By the time a child is born, so is the mother. A woman is never going to be the same person she was before; a mother is something absolutely new. That alone is the definition of magic in the most beautiful way.


So does the birth mean the end of the story? The stop of the ride? Well, good news moms, the real ride has just begun. Hold on tight, enjoy it all the more and we promise, you’re going to love every second of it – even when you think you don’t.

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