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On a Mission to Save the World
Prewedding and Wedding of Army & Dhila by Ivan
Nov 2019

Some say that finding true love is like finding the missing piece to your puzzle. Some say it’s like finding the perfect key to your happiness. Others say that finding your soulmate is like finding someone that could finally fill the void in your heart.


More than all of that, though, true love is about finding healing. Not just healing for each other, but healing for the world. Not because we were sick, nor because we were incomplete by ourselves, but because the world itself was missing a piece of its puzzle. 


Hence, finding true love is also finding purpose. Army and Dhila are both physicians, and this is what we can learn from them: that two individuals who are in love and in unison could work together to restore what is broken in our world. Two different people who are in love and on a mission to change the world together are a reflection of selflessness in the middle of a self-centered world. Together, they have much greater power to inspire, motivate, and serve, than they did when they were all by themselves. 


Changing the world doesn’t have to come in big packages. It can look like small acts of kindness that bring joy, laughter, peace, and love to those around you. It can look like providing comfort and counsel to other couples who can sometimes be clueless. It can look like bringing solutions and breathing life into families and friends within your reach. It can even look like sending 700 taichan satays to set on the day of your photoshoot, bringing happiness and putting smiles on people’s faces after a long day of setting up (true story, Army and Dhila actually did this!).


Your true love should inspire you to become more and more selfless, to share more with the world the greatness that is already within your hands. True love should go alongside you and work together with you as a team, to bring blessing, healing, and restoration to the people around you — breathing life where dry bones lie, making the world a much better place to live in.





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