Videography : She Said Yes
Humble Beginnings
Prewedding Film of Roland & Sam by Dimar
Nov 2019

Big things in life often start with a small, insignificant spark. Our society tends to celebrate achieved goals and milestones, but undervalue the hard work that is done daily and consistently. Sometimes, success isn’t just about making something big, it’s also about being attentive enough to spot the potential in little things. So, we should learn to not overlook the little things in our lives. In fact, big things often have small beginnings.


In romantic movies, “meet cute” is a term to describe an unusual moment in which two of the protagonists meet, setting the scene for the unveiling of a beautiful love story. It has even become an important rule for movie writers to ensure that their characters meet in a cute and simple way, not through some exceptional or momentous circumstances. “Meet cute” moments teach us that, oftentimes, the seemingly simple moments in life can lead to something big and life-changing.


So, don’t underestimate or undervalue the tiny details in your journey of life. Attention is rare nowadays, especially in relationships. Excellence is an attractive quality to have, and it is about being attentive and putting your whole heart and soul into even the tiniest of your endeavours. Your excellence sends the message to your loved ones that you care for them enough to notice the little things.


Let us seek to be excellent, not just in our work, but also in our relationships. Let us not overlook the humble beginnings, for they may hold the potential for true love.





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