Photography : Portraiture
Synergy Between Time
Portraiture of Jessica by Herna
Nov 2019

A lot of people set out on a journey to find themselves, not realising that ‘themselves’ is already in them. Much like how a tree is made up of its many different parts, our identities are complex too. Many elements contribute to our sense of self. Our identities are made up of our name, birth date, fingerprint, home address, friends, job description, fashion style, handwriting, voice — the list could go on forever. One of the most important of all the elements of our identities is our roots. It’s what or who we call home, it’s where we came from, and it’s how we grew up.


Our roots tell us that there was a story that began long before us, and they tell us that we are a part of that story. As some people grow up, they tend to have a desire to be independent, to be cut off from their “outdated” roots. As the world continues to develop, languages go extinct, traditions fade, cultures recede. As the world gets more modernized, fewer and fewer people recognize the great power that lies in the collision of the old and the new. 


The old and the new in synergy could actually create new forms of art, new pathways to the future, new solutions to old problems. Neon lights are the perfect example for this — a blend of the old and the new, a combination of art and technology. 


Your roots are the reason you’re still standing tall today. Where and who you are now is the fruit of the hard work of those before you. And, even though you are the fruit, you are also a seed that is planted in the soil, to bear fruit for those who will come after you. Edmund Burke once said that, “a nation is a partnership between those who’ve died, those who are alive now and those not yet born.” 


And much like how neons exist to strengthen the identity of a place, your roots remind you that you do have a place in this world, that you belong exactly where you are.

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