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Time is the Essence
Prewedding of Boy & Karen by Fen
Nov 2019


Our clock was ticking
One day, we became busy running towards our dreams

Suddenly, we were adults
Finally knew who we were
Who we should’ve had been with

Don’t we just wanna go back in time?
To when things were simple
Back to the time when we first met

What if we found a way to go back?
We would do things differently

I’ve discovered that the clock we have inside us is more important than the clock out there

It’s funny how the universe speaks
Telling us to hold on to beautiful moments

Telling us to hold on to those moments

Cherish every moment
For every moment has its own time



It was difficult for us as children to comprehend big concepts, like complex math equations, because our understandings haven’t yet been developed. 


Our underdeveloped understandings caused us to view things differently from the way we see them now. As we age, as we experience more, as we get to know more people, our minds continue to evolve, taking in more and more information, shaping new pathways inside our brains. And so, our understanding of love also changes as time goes by.


When we were younger, we knew that to be loved is to have our needs fulfilled. As we grew slightly older, we understood love when we get the things we want. And then came a time when we discovered romance. We found it to be so beautiful that we dreamt about it and made it our goal in life. We exaggerated everything about love, and so it became a feeling that controlled us. We expected a lot out of it, we expected a lot out of our partners.


But there will come a time when we realise that we don’t need those grand gestures, that we don’t need our expectations to be fulfilled to know what love is. Love is when someone allows us to be ourselves. It’s when we can be silly with each other, enjoying the simple things in life together. To love one another is to simply belong in each other’s arms.


But, surely, we couldn’t understand all that when we were younger. 


So, the biggest lesson for us is that, at every stage of our lives, we should cherish this little thing called “love”. 


Because we can never experience it the same way twice. 


“For every moment has its own time.”






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