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Keeping It Alive
Wedding of Michael & Patricia by Paulus
Nov 2019

When we were children, the world was so big to us — we saw it through the eyes of wonder. Everything seemed like a mystery, and we thought that there was always something for us to learn or look forward to. And as we grow, we learn and improve, so that we could do things better the next time, or so that we could avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. 


But at one point, we stopped learning. We get good at reading other people, and life’s mysteries look like puzzles we’ve solved for the hundredth time. We think we’ve got everything figured out, so we stopped learning. And as we stopped learning, we stopped having that sense of wonder, stopped looking at things through a fresh perspective. “There is nothing new under the sun” becomes our go-to mantra. 


When we find that most things in life are repetitive, we could lose a sense of “life” while living it. Things become “predictable” or “expected”. The little-everyday-things that our partners do — cooking for us, driving us off, picking us up, washing our dishes — they all become expected. So, instead of expressing our gratitude, we take them and all that they do for us for granted.


Though life can sometimes seem monotonous, that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t get the most out of it. We can still have that same burning passion and curiosity we had at the beginning of our journey, despite our current circumstances.


The secret to keeping ourselves and our relationships alive is this: to put to death our selfishness and our know-it-all mentality. 


The secret to keeping ourselves and our relationships alive is to keep our eyes opened; to lose all of our expectations and see things from a fresh perspective; to keep a teachable and humble heart, to assume the best, and to trust people again.





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