Photography : She Said Yes
Love After “I Do”
Prewedding of Tommy & Karina by Ivan
Nov 2019

After you’ve said “I do”, love is no longer a feeling, no longer something you attend to only if you’re in the mood for it. Love is a promise of making a daily and conscious choice to serve, forgive, and cherish, even on the most difficult days.


After the “I do”, love becomes a promise to keep an eye on each other, to protect and defend, whenever protection and defense is needed. It is a promise to listen and to create a safe place for our doubts, sadness, and insecurities to linger and be healed. Love is a promise to always consider the other, to constantly keep each other in mind.


Because, the opposite of love is the lack of sympathy. The moment you become careless and numb is, indeed, the moment you stop choosing to love. Sympathy is both understanding and attention. There are a million things in this world that would beg for your attention, yet, to love means to continue to fix your eyes on your one true love. There are countless mysteries to be solved in this world, yet, to love is to put in the effort to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. 


Should the emotions start to numb one day, and all the feelings fade away, you will still have this one definition of love to cling on to: that love is about making the choice, no matter what. Even when there is nothing that could trigger the emotions, even when your feelings can’t be trusted, even when you feel like giving up — your decision to love will always make you try to understand and give your attention to your loved ones. 





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