Videography : Tying The Knot
Your Presence Matters
Same Day Edit of Danny & Presilia by Kalvin Ananda
Nov 2019

Where else could we be, if not the very ground that we are standing on?


But still, to live in the moment is a conscious choice for us to make. Our bodies can be at one place, but our hearts and minds can wander off to foreign places. Some of us may be very nostalgic, while others can be extremely hopeful towards the future. Though there is nothing wrong with being nostalgic or hopeful, we must also occupy the space that we are in: the present.


Live in the moment because the present is really all that we have, and we can only work with what we have. Live in the now because everything that happens in it matters. The present moment is filled with beauty and opportunities that we could miss if we take all that for granted, if we are not patient or alert enough to the magic is happening all around us. Live in the present because if we don’t, the life that we live would just be a series of illusions.


The present is where we build relationships with other people, it is where we have and resolve conflicts, the only space where we can share real laughter and real tears with our dearest ones. We love our significant others by staying in the present, because that is where they exist. Though we can imagine them in our future and remember them in our past, they exist right now, in the present. 


So, live in the moment because we love and respect those that are dear to our hearts. Live in the moment because gratitude, joy, and love, can all be found if we look closely at everything that we have right here, right now. 





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