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The Beauty in Our Sensitivity
Wedding of Steven & Eugenia by Aldo
Nov 2019

Sensitivity is not a curse. Being sensitive is one of the most important gifts that has ever been given to us as human beings. Through our sensitivity, we get to understand more, much like looking through a divine perspective — we get to feel what other people are feeling; We are able to listen to the sounds of nature and understand what it is telling us, the purpose of their existence; We are able to see what others usually don’t; We get to see the beauty in little things. 


Uniqueness is found in the little things, as little as the fingerprints on our thumbs. Our love for a certain person is often found in the details, not in generalities. We love them, not just because they are wise, but because they know how to get the attention of boisterous little kids to teach them a valuable lesson. We love them, not just because they are kind, but because we can see the softness in their eyes when they extend their hands to the people in need. 


It takes a big heart to appreciate little things like that. It takes a big heart to finally acknowledge that if we make our lives all about our happiness, satisfaction, and security, we will never fully experience this world and all the beauty it has to offer. It takes a big heart to do life with and fully love other imperfect human beings in this world.


Sensitivity is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of the presence of a big heart and an empathetic soul. Without empathy, it is impossible to love. Without the ability to step out of ourselves and into someone else’s shoes, it is impossible to love. Without having a divine perspective — a perspective that allows us to see the bigger picture, yet pay attention to the details — it is impossible to love. 


Beauty, identity, and meaning can all be found if we look closely to everything and everyone that is around us. 





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