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Things We Can Learn From Our Furry Friends
Portraiture of Sasa by Fen Soong
Nov 2019

There is nothing like coming home after a long day to our tail-wagging, paw-licking, furry little friends. As soon as they hear the lock turn in the door, they perk their ears up and come running to us with all the excitement in the world — just to welcome us home and shower us with love. There really aren’t many reasons for their overwhelming love. Their love and support is truly genuine and pure. 


But, other than just giving us the love and support that we never knew we needed, here are some things we can learn from our furry friends:


  • Forgiveness

Pets know when they’ve messed up, but they are not one to wallow in their mistakes and sadness. Instead, they are able to quickly move on or get over it. They are secure in the fact that, when they are being scolded, they are still worthy of all the love. This is what self-forgiveness looks like. Our past mistakes can often hold us back, but once we have learned our lesson, we must let go because it is not worth it to stay in a dark place of self-pity, thinking that we are no longer worthy. We must let go because our lives must move on. 


  • Loyalty

Loyalty is often underrated amongst us humans. Sometimes, we can go to the extreme of our self-care that we forget what loyalty to other people looks like. But — our furry little friends — they demonstrate a kind of selfless loyalty that we cannot help but be propelled to do the same for others. They teach us what it means to support and protect each other; that support is not about saying the right words. Support looks more like unconditional love. Our pets teach us what it means to always be there for someone; to not demand much out of others, but still be willing to give them our love. 


  • A Heart to Serve

Our pets show us how beautiful it is to do things without having our own hidden agenda. Everything they do is a reflection of their joy and their love, which sprouts out of their kind nature. They are obedient to us simply because they are grateful for us, giving back the love that they have received. Imagine if our human relationships are as selfless as our pets are to us — the world would certainly become a less distrusting and a more beautiful place. 


It’s surprising how we can learn so much from our little friends. How grateful are we to have our them, the ones who shower us with love when we are at our loneliest, the ones who bring us peace when we are on the verge of a breakdown? Without them by our sides, our world would not be the same. 





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