No Tricks All Treats: Baby Axioo Halloween Gala!
by Baby Axioo
Nov 2019


October is undoubtedly one of the most exciting months for one reason:



It’s that time of the year to unleash the power of personal creativity through costumes, makeup, or any form of art expression. And the best part is, everyone of all ages can join in some Halloween good time!




When it comes to an all-age fun, you can bet that Baby AXIOO will take part in it – no questions asked. As your most trusted family photography service, we believe that each moment is a good chance to add photographic values in life. So no matter what the time or occasion is, anyone can always count on Baby Axioo to eternalize family happiness and beyond.


This upcoming Halloween, we’re bringing BABY GALA 2019 for all family! Inspired by the famous annual event “ MET GALA”, our special BABY GALA Halloween Party will be hosted on Saturday the 26th, October 2019 at the fabulous Kitchen by DD + Kini Selatan . Split into two batches, 10 to 12 pm & 12 to 2 pm, it is all about a SUPER fun time, UBER CUTE kids fashion, and just LOTS and LOTS of educative entertainment for everyone.



With an epic rundown for each batch, we’ll be welcoming up to 50 adults and 100 kids ready to be spoilt silly with everything awesome. We’re talking about famous influencer guests ready to share about recent updates in the kids & mommies’ world and fantastic booths to keep the little monsters busy, including kid-activity workshops, creative art & craft time, tattoo parlor, and LOL photobooth.


That’s not all!


 Guests will also be showered with door prizes, goodie bags, yummy treats and more. To keep up with the fashion gala theme, there’ll be adorable Gala Runway and Awards to follow. This is also a great chance to learn more about Baby AXIOO as your kids & family photography platform, while enjoying our showcase of spooktacular Baby Axioo Halloween project.



Designed as a whole-family recreational time, BABY GALA 2019 is our personal way to get close to our parents community, honoring mommies and daddies who deserve to have just as much fun as the kids. We want everyone to enjoy being in a safe and educational environment where their children’s sparks of joy and cheerful smiles are the only things that matter.



So expect a lot of treats, no tricks this Halloween at BABY GALA 2019 this October. Keep updated with the upcoming events too and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



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