Photography : Tying The Knot
Wedding of Diego & Meriska by Will
Oct 2019

There are some special people in this world who could make love an easy thing for us, the people who make love one less thing for us to worry about. They are the reason we can still laugh, even in our darkest days. They are the reason we can still dance, even in the rain. To them, loving us comes so naturally, so effortless. 


This is a simple yet beautiful dynamic, that even just the little things they do can evoke an overwhelming sense of love in us, and that, in return, the little things we do can also make them feel immensely loved. 


These special people are high in their quality, low in their maintenance. They neither want nor need much. They pour out their love out of the abundance of it, not out of their sheer desperation for love, or even their fear. They spread out love like confetti, like seeds all scattered out and sown all over the field. Their love knows no ulterior motives, and it moves us to love them back without placing on them the burden of our own expectations.  


While some people could make us feel like we are difficult to love, constantly and easily pointing out our flaws, the people who truly love and understand us love seeing the process of our growth. They do not overcomplicate our growth, nor do they try to rush it, but they see change in us as something inevitable and needs to be embraced.


And, if they truly are the right person, they will not need many excuses or justifications — they will find it so easy to stay faithful.





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