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Life’s Best Antidote: Happiness
Oct 2019

What is happiness?

 Some say it’s the little things, others say it comes from within. It’s like a butterfly, fleeting; like the ticking clock, comes and goes so fast. Still, no matter what your definition of happiness is, everyone would probably agree that happiness is often and best associated with the feeling of home and having your people, your family.

The thing is, families face a lot of challenges from time to time. Like many issues in life, there is always something to deal with, someone to compare ourselves to, and problems to solve or goals to pursue. It’s something that we commonly see, even in our own household, the mood is easily spoiled when our plans change or there’s sulking if someone doesn’t get their way.


 Indeed, building a family is hard work. Some may even find it stressful and far from the idea of happiness itself. From mild annoyances between the spouse to serious problems that involve the kids, trouble can start anytime in a family’s journey. And when this negativity starts, it’s very easy to lose hope as family members struggle to find their bearings in life. 


In times like this, it’s important to remind yourself to pull it together and see things from a bigger perspective. The days and routines in a family can be difficult, but they are the stuff that’s worth fighting for in the long run. As the leaders of the family, parents naturally want to take the role of the protectors, fiercely sheltering the family, especially the young ones, while enduring the hardships themselves. 



While we think it’s very noble for parents to do that, it’s also important for you as the parents to show your kids what it means to be resilient. It’s necessary to show them how hard you fight daily for the sake of the family, to display grit and resilience, to not lose that connection, and to tell them that it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. 


It is through watching you going through all the hardship and unhappy things in life, your kids will learn to take up their shields, build up their armor, and beat back the darkness that steals away happiness. Then and only then will anyone learn the true meaning of happiness and have a fighting chance at it. 



 So if you’re not feeling happy today, take your time and reflect whatever it is you are going through. Talk to your spouse, maybe share it with your kids in a way they can understand. Take a long walk, indulge in a cup of good coffee, or discuss it with someone. 


Because if there’s one thing about emotions that we learn is that:


“Shared grief is half the sorrow, but happiness when shared, it doubles. Just remember that if happiness is a virus, it’s the most highly contagious. And for once, we won’t be complaining if it goes viral!”

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