Videography : Tying The Knot
Make You Feel My Love
Same Day Edit of Charles & Melissa by Dimar
Oct 2019

To be truly and wholly loved is what most of us want. To be loved for who we really are, not for who somebody else thinks we are, or for the persona that we project. But, in order to be truly and wholly loved, we need to be vulnerable, peel back the layers that we‘ve put on over the years, and reveal our true selves. 


Somewhere beneath the surface, there is a fear of intimacy within us. When something or someone gets a bit too close, we tend to hold ourselves back, or even hold that person at arm’s length. We think that having these boundaries is healthy. But, sometimes, these boundaries do nothing but reflect our insecurities. 


Perhaps, we’re afraid to show who we really are because we don’t think we’re good enough. We might think that we’re too broken for other people to see. Maybe, we all have this belief that people won’t love us unless we’re perfect. 


A person can love us with their best, but if we hesitate to open up our hearts, we might not be able to feel their love. Intimacy starts with the courage to let ourselves be truly known by another person — all the beautiful, messy, and scarred parts of our hearts. It starts with the knowledge that we are loved just as we are, not when we have it all together.





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