Photography : She Said Yes
Prewedding of Yosua & Nadia by Aha
Oct 2019

We hear this proverb a lot: “You reap what you sow.” Perhaps in various different forms or sentences, but the idea behind it remains the same. It simply means that the things we do now have the ability to affect our future. The things that seem so little now are actually seeds, and they have within them the capacity to grow and bear fruit


To reap what you sow simply means that the seasons in your life are all connected. The habits that we have now, what we spend most of our time on, our current attitude — these things can roll themselves over to the next season in our lives. If you ask whether there’s a way to control the future, there actually is one: by paying attention to the present.


Everyday is a new opportunity for us to build a new, strong foundation for the future. Everyday is a new opportunity for us to take one step closer to our dreams. To have a healthy body, a positive mind, a happy marriage, or a loving family — it all starts with the choices we make in the present. If we sow seeds of kindness, humility, wisdom, and positivity all around us today, in time, we will find that those seeds will have been deeply planted and grown to bear the fruit that we have always dreamt of harvesting. 


Today, we might not have the fruits that we wish to have yet, but we do have the seeds.  





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