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As Long As I Breathe
Prewedding & Wedding of Justin & Stacy by Ivan
Oct 2019

Find happiness and purpose every time you take a step forward in this journey of life, because your time is limited. Life is too short for you to not take that step you have been thinking about taking. Don’t settle for a mediocre life, but live a life that is fueled with passion and exquisite hope for the future. Live your daily lives by fully leaning into each day, always expecting to get the best out of it. When you say you’ll do things or start things tomorrow, make sure you start planning it now, and make sure you actually live it out the next day. 


Don’t spend most of your life making empty promises, especially to yourself. 


Life is too short for your heart to stay hurt or unhealed. Bitterness, like a seed, can grow its roots deep down within your heart and bear nasty fruit in the future. But if you decide to sow seeds of positivity now, you will soon find love sprouting out of the soil. Make healing, growth, and happiness your goal. Life is too short to live in negativity or to live in the absence of love.


Life is too short to not love someone fully, to not give your all to them, to not dive deep enough, to keep your walls high and not let anyone into your heart. Wake up every morning with freedom and purpose — a freedom to love, and a purpose to love others. 


Life is too short to not be with the person you truly love. Say “I love you” as much as you can, as long as you have breath. Be the kind of couple that sets an example of what real love looks like and leave a legacy in this world, because your time is limited.


Don’t spend most of your life wondering “what if,” choose to live out your dream life today.





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