Photography : Portraiture
The Next Generation of Women
Portraiture of the Sumilat Ladies by Herna
Oct 2019

All of us were born into a family. They are the ones who witnessed many of our firsts — our first steps, first words, first laughs, first cries. 


Our families are where we experience this world for the first time. We built our first genuine relationships with them, through the memories we’ve made, the time we’ve spent, the sorrows we’ve shared, and the inside jokes we have all laughed at together. 


As we grow up, our relationships with our families mature alongside us. When our relationship with our families have matured, it won’t matter how far away we fly from our nests. Every time we get together, it will be like there was never any distance between us. We’re always there for each other, they’re always there to go back to no matter how much we feel like we’ve failed them.


But growing up’ itself is not as easy as it seems. 


The journey of womanhood is like a maze of roses — it’s beautiful, but it might be difficult to navigate. Besides qualities like resilience, patience, and hard work, women need other women, as mothers, mentors, teachers, and friends, to help them grow up and find their place in this world.


There is something extra special about relationships between sisters or between a mother and her daughters.


There is a beautiful strength in these relationships, in the unity of women who join their hands for one cause. Women have a way of making each other feel seen, worthy, appreciated, loved, valued and safe. Many powerful women are in the midst of us, and we should not leave the next generation of powerful women alone.


Wise women know that they couldn’t get through this world alone. They need their sisters or mothers to help them, comfort them, and show them the way.


And, so, let us teach, mentor, or lead other women in our lives. In order to inspire the next generation of women, to pave the way for them. To steward the crown to those who come after, and pass on the gift of family that we have received. 



Best wishes,


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