Videography : Tying The Knot
To Be Myself With You
Same Day Edit of Erwin & Fiona by Robb
Oct 2019


Today, this is what we celebrate:


The fact that, from now on, you get to open your eyes every morning to the one whom your soul loves. You can even take them inside your dreams at night, too. 


Today we celebrate the fact that you get to live every minute as yourself with them. Without pretense, without masks. Sometimes your messiest self shows up, but that doesn’t matter, because you are safe to be who you are in each others’ presence. 


We celebrate the fact that you can walk further on this journey of life, and that your dreams are bigger, now that the two of you have become one. We celebrate the fact that, from now on, you get to build a home — for your offspring and for all the generations to come. 


Cheers to you — you who have decided to take on life’s greatest blessing: to be united and to care for one another for the rest of your lives, for better and for worse. You have received immense joy, to be able to grow old with the person you have always dreamt to be with.


Today, we celebrate the start of the most beautiful season in your life. 

Today, we celebrate the beginning of your wonderful marriage.





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