Photography : Tying The Knot
Safe Haven
Wedding of Dodo & Katherine by David Soong
Oct 2019

Where do you find comfort? At the end of the day, when it’s just you and your favorite book? Lying in bed, feeling the softness of your duvet, as all the worries of your day start to slip away?


Does comfort come to you when you light your favorite scented candle, make yourself a warm cup of tea and sit by the window, watching the clouds as they cover and soothe the earth below?


Or does your comfort find you when you cook your favorite food, listen to your favorite song, or spend time with your favorite people?


I want to know, because I want you to find comfort in me, too. I want to be the person you lie next to on your bed after a long, busy day. I want to be the person to share your cup of tea with, as we stare at the clouds and reminisce about the days. I want to eat your favorite food with you, dance with you to your favorite song, and be the funnest person for you to be with; To share with you in your dreams, and to be the shoulder that is always there for you to cry on. 


Come to me, because I’ve made my heart a safe haven for you to rest in.





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