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Simple Yet Powerful : Life Lessons From Kids
Oct 2019

They say never stop learning, because life never stops teaching. And for parents, life lessons may come from different sources, be it from your own experience, our spouse, other parents, and the community as well. 


But believe it or not, parents’ best teacher does not always have to take form through those subjects of adults. Because sometimes, parents’ best teacher can be their own children. Yeap, from newborns, toddlers to teens, you’d be surprised how many valuable life lessons you can learn from someone half your size!


Even from when they are babies, your children are showing you the meaning of being go-getters. By the time they are learning to roll, you are already in the first row of life’s classroom with your baby showing you what persistency is. They’d grunt till their faces turn red, wriggle their butts and flex their muscles until that first flip happens – and yes, it always happens. 



Same goes for learning to crawl, sit, stand and finally to walk. No matter how hard the tasks may seem, they will continue to persevere, getting up each time they fall and making another go again and again until they are the experts of making a mess out of the house. It’s not enough that they know how to walk or run, they have to do it fast and bold like daredevils too! Now, how many people can actually show you this? Very few we believe. 


As children also has no concept of time, they take each day as it comes. Everyday is a new blank sheet, ready to be filled with adventures and new things to learn. Their spirit is always up and excitement fuels their days to no end. Very rare are the kids who would not jump and squeal at the opportunity to play- regardless of how many times they have done it. 






To children, happiness is often found in the simplest things too.


To children, happiness is often found in the simplest things too. They don’t need big goals, an extra chocolate-chip cookie is sometimes more than enough to make their days. They don’t burden themselves with material things, because a few crayons and coloring pages could entertain them all the same. And when you take them outside after a long day in the house, their running feet and happy faces tell you that it is really that simple to be happy. 


Last but not least, children teach us all about listening to your heart. They don’t calculate nor make plans; they just go at it wholeheartedly. They might fail, they might miss, they may even fall and have bruises on their faces. But it’s all okay, they’d always go back to all these life lessons all over again : get up, get it, and live it.





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