Videography : Tying The Knot
The Heart Always Remembers
Same Day Edit of Kai & Kartika by Kalvin Ananda
Oct 2019

Feelings, moments, smiles, and laughters are exactly what videos capture. Though they say that there are a thousand words behind a picture, a motion picture can pick up those words and the emotions behind it. 


More than just capturing a single moment, videos take you back to the atmosphere you were once in. It brings you back to the background noises you might not have been aware of, to what was happening and moving all around you in that moment, or to the sound of your own voice as you were speaking. 


Videos can catch the things that your eyes and ears wouldn’t be able to catch all by themselves. The truth is, many things happen all around us, all the time. We tend to only remember the big moments. And, even so, we would only remember these memories in the form of fragments. The details, the little things that not a lot of people would notice — they often get lost in our memories, because we’re never quick enough to capture them. 


Weddings are one of the most significant — if not the most significant — life events you’ll ever experience in your lifetime. There’s no doubt that you would remember the gown, the decor, or what your vows look like, but there are little moments you wouldn’t want to miss, too. Like, the cheeky little giggles of your flower girls, or the precious teardrop that falls down your father’s cheek at one point of the ceremony, or simply, the sound of your partner’s voice as they wholeheartedly recite their vows. 


Moments like these are what give life and uniqueness to a wedding. It is the atmosphere in the room, a mixture of how every single person was feeling — ecstatic, nervous, or touched. It is the chemistry of the couple which sets them apart from all of the others. It is the sound of the people cheering, celebrating the newly-weds as they step into a wonderful new season in their lives.


These are the moments that matter, and are very much worth capturing.





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