Photography : She Said Yes
Love and Prudence
Prewedding of Yoshua & Natali by Donny Wu
Oct 2019


Five things you can control:

1. The boundaries you set.

2. Your actions and reactions.

3. How you respond to the way others see you.

4. Who you follow or unfollow.

5. Who you spend the rest of your life with.


Not everything should be shoved into the hands of fate. Sometimes, the reason we surrender our decision-making process to fate is because we don’t want to take responsibility for our own lives. We avoid being blamed for our shortcomings by handing over our responsibility to the hands of something that is vague, something like fate. But the truth is, by doing this, we’re actually just leaving behind a trail of excuses, trying to deceive ourselves.


Why are we making the decisions that we’re making? It’s good to be honest with ourselves. Are we being fooled by the trail of excuses that we’ve left for ourselves? When making a choice, following the heart might just lead us into a tricky maze. Instead of following something that makes us happy, we should follow what we believe is true, noble, and right. Don’t wake up every day looking for happiness, wake up everyday looking to always do and choose what is right.


There are many things about the future that we cannot control, but there are things that we can take hold of now that will affect our future later: the habits we keep and the choices we make.


If we truly have the ability to determine what the rest of our lives look like by choosing who we marry, then why we marry them matters as much, too. Having “because I love him/her” as an answer can no longer suffice. It’s not that loving them isn’t enough, but it’s that we tend to associate this “love” with something that is solely based on our emotions. 


So, let’s redefine love.


When you say “I love him/her”, let’s redefine love as something much more than a feeling, but as something that we have put much thought into. Something that’s gone through a careful and thorough decision-making process. Something that’s gone through the test of time. 


Let’s redefine love as something that does not hinder our common sense. Because, this prudent love will show us that we love them not just with our hearts, but with all of our minds and our strengths, too — that we love them with all of our being.





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