Photography : She Said Yes
Simple Love
Prewedding of Calvin & Kimberly by Paulus
Oct 2019


We can’t just wish for something and do nothing while we wait for it to happen. 


One of the biggest lessons we should all learn as we grow is that, when we wish for something, we also take on the responsibility to make it happen. We have to make sure that we are working on it, and not just engaging in our wishful thinking. We have to make sure that everything we do, every single decision we make, is pointing towards the direction of the very thing that we want.


Perhaps, we had previously thought that we could make our lives, our relationships, and our love lives simple with just a snap of our fingers. Perhaps we thought that it was enough to just wish that everything was much simpler, much less complicated. 


But now, when we admit that we want to have the kind of love that’s simple, we know we should make sure that we are actually working towards it. 


There are things that we can work on now to achieve that state of simplicity in our relationships, to have a simple kind of love. One of them is to remove all the things that make it complicated. Our pride, self-orientation, and unnecessary needs —  they need to be minimized, in order for us to focus on magnifying what should matter the most to us: a deeper connection with our partners, and a deeper understanding about them.


Simplicity is progressive, it can’t be demanded to enter our lives immediately. There is a journey towards having a simple relationship, and where we end up today is not 100% always the other person’s fault.


Simplicity doesn’t demand, it gives, because a simple love is “always giving, never asking back,” says Alison Krauss. 





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