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Wedding of Sandy & Debbie by Ivan
Oct 2019

When we talk about love, we often talk about the heart but forget to talk about the mind. Some say that love is a chemical reaction, some say that love is a conscious decision. But, whether it’s a chemical reaction or a conscious decision, both happen inside of the mind. 


The mind is our control centre. Feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and attitudes — they all find their home in it. It is the mental space that allows us to remember the past, imagine the future, and process things in the present. The mind has the power to affect different areas of our biology. It has the power to set the mood in the room. It has the power to change our perception, how we look at things. Scientists have also discovered that the mind has the power to shape our brains and physiology — that positive thinking will result in a faster and more complete healing process. With all its complexity, it’s just so amazing and powerful how the mind works.


The mind is our control centre — and it always should be us controlling our minds instead of the other way around. A healthy life is signaled by a mind that is constantly kept in-check, where emotions, assumptions and habits rarely get out of hand. A healthy mind always chooses to heal, improve, and resolve, so a healthy mind will always choose to perceive the good in all things.


Two healthy minds make one healthy relationship. They will always be able to turn any bad situation around and see the lesson in every hardship. Two healthy minds have the ability to see problems as they simply are, not through a magnifying glass. They will choose to believe that the other person always wants the best for them, not seeing their actions through the lenses of doubt.


It is not within our control what troubles may come our way or what terrible circumstances might hit our relationships, but we are never out of control of our own minds. We are the ones responsible for our own healing, for our own outcomes. With the wrong perception, even the brightest of days will seem dark. But with a positive outlook, dancing through the darkest valleys won’t be as bad as it seems. 


Because, the truth is, a positive mindset is powerful enough to attract energy, peace, and joy into our bodies and souls. Such a simple truth for such a complex mind, isn’t it?





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