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Are You Ready?
Prewedding of Andrew & Cynthia by Will
Sep 2019

Planning a wedding is, in essence, very draining. There is even a 12-month timeline that people are supposed to follow through, complete with an endless list of things to do. And many on the list are things that most of us couldn’t have expected or thought of before — things like renewing passports or ordering bridal robes. 


However, preparing ourselves before we say “I do” goes beyond just ticking boxes off our lists. We spend so much time and energy preparing the wedding, that we don’t spend as much on preparing for the marriage itself. Weddings are a one-time event, while marriage is about a whole new life.


So, are you ready?


And we’re not just talking about being financially ready. There are more things that we can pay attention to during a pre-marital season. When making a big decision in life, the choice is ours to prepare our minds, bodies, and souls before we step into the new territory, the new season. The new season will have its storms, but with enough preparation, we can build a shelter that will keep us safe and grounded in the midst of any calamity. We should step into the new territory with a clear mind, so that we won’t get easily overwhelmed by the little things. 


How, then, do we prepare our minds, bodies, and souls for this big change? 


Well, the three of them are actually interconnected. The condition of our hearts and what we think of in our heads could affect how we see things in real life… and vice versa: what we do with our physical bodies can affect what happens in our minds and our souls. So, it all starts with the mind. Are you mentally prepared for marriage? If not, seek guidance. There are many practical ways to prepare ourselves, many that we might not be aware of, like learning from a mentor or attending a pre-marital class. 


Getting in tune with your own health could possibly save you from various kinds of unwanted troubles in the future, and could possibly be the best gift to give your very-soon-to-be partner-for-life. 




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