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Collecting Love by Tonny
Sep 2019

Tonny is an artistic and enthusiastic photographer with a sincere appreciation for all things beautiful, especially people and love. He had explored different fields of photography when one day, he was touched when witnessing a couple’s holy matrimony. The bride walked down the aisle, the groom shed a tear, they exchanged vows, their lips touched, the family held each other’s hands, the friends cheered, all while love was overflowing in the room. That day marks the day he decided to dive into wedding photography with love as its core.


I thought that if love is the most wonderful thing in the world, then wouldn't capturing love be the most beautiful thing?


I am a storyteller. My passion for art, portraiture, romance and simplicity have influenced my style of photography to be a curated sequential memoir; a marriage between fine art and journalistic photography. For me, a wedding photograph should be as pure and as raw as it can be. It should not only be pleasing to the eyes, but it should also be honest. It should show a real connection, delicate strings of emotion, beauty of life and hearts of the subjects.


Weddings are sacred; and I deeply appreciate the bond where two people commit to cherish each other unconditionally. Every couple’s story, romance and chemistry is different one from the other… and it’s an honour to witness them.


I believe the significance of documenting love. I believe that a good picture should stand the test of time. I hope that during ever-changing seasons of marriage life, the moments I capture can help remind the subjects of their love for one another and the reason why they choose each other.


I look forward to collecting moments close to your heart.


From the sincerest heart, thank you.





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