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The Deeper Truth about Happiness
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Sep 2019

We often find ourselves chasing worldly things, such as security, success and wealth — thinking that they are what we want, or that they are all we need to satisfy our cravings. All the hours of our days spent meeting deadlines and making appearances, just so that we would feel satisfied inside. But underneath all of that, our deepest desire is to achieve true happiness. We think that happiness comes in one package with security, success, and wealth. We think that when we can attain those things, happiness would automatically chase after us. It is undoubtedly not wrong to chase all of those things — in fact, they’re the fruits of hard work. Nonetheless, if one asks what is the deeper truth of happiness, here is a food for thought.



Your joy is already placed within you, you’ve just got to find the right person that can help bring it out.



Worldly things fade away, but our joy outlasts the fleeting things of this world. Happiness doesn’t come from security, success, or wealth — these things are the cherries on top. Happiness comes in a package with the people that we choose to be with. Choosing joy means that we must accept the help, open up ourselves, and be vulnerable to one another. We are at our happiest when we let ourselves be loved by other people. 


Love could bring forth the road to happiness, simply being with the person we love can bring out the best in us. Because of their love, they will give us the space we need to grow, the encouragement we need to move forward, and the correction we need to live our lives better. Everything we wish to possess, everything we wish to become and everything we need, they are all already inside of us. The right person will help dig out that potential in us, by believing in us more than we believe in ourselves.





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