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Life is Special
Introducing LIFE by AXIOO
Sep 2019

There are about four births per one second everyday. That is approximately 250 babies making their grand entrance every minute, everywhere in the world. Fascinating isn’t it?

Births are indeed a remarkable event, signifying a life milestone of true importance. With a birth, along comes the birth of millions of other things as well – love, fear, hope, frustration, and a whole world of endless possibilities. If you are the key, births unlock the beginning of something that is beyond you and it’s going to be a journey you never knew existed before.

So eventful is a birth of a baby that it is usually life-changing. The husband-wife’s dynamic is different now as they earn new roles as a teamwork of daddy-mommy. Their relationship evolves with new experiments, interactions and challenges coming their way everyday. There is also usually a shift as your extended family grows bigger, one birth at a time.

That is why it’s not an exaggeration to regard birth as probably the most important day of your life. Other life events may be major, but birth is supremely monumental.

In fact, compared to birth, other events seem to pale in comparison. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, these are all worthy celebrations of course; but birth is so miraculously momentous that it’s worth way more. Because when that first breath of oxygen is drawn, it is official : the gift of life has begun.

And like all celebrations before, it is only natural and right that you want to capture the precious moments, eternalizing and encapsulating them in the best way possible.

The irony is that, the closer you are to witnessing the joy of birth, the more surreal and fleeting your reality becomes. Whether it’s the pain, panic, joy or something else, the experience of birth is going to be your most vivid yet blurry memory there is.

Still, the beauty of memory is that you can always relive the miracle of birth through photography. With LIFE by  Axioo, we want mothers, fathers and families to embrace birth and hold onto such  extraordinary moments longer. We want you to be able to preserve the gift of life in the most endearing way.

Because there are about 250 new babies each minute, but no two births are alike. Because of all the gifts you will ever receive or give in this lifetime, LIFE is undeniably the most special one.

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