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Second Time’s The Charm
The Maternity Portraits of Natasha by Vania
Sep 2019

Firsts are amazing, aren’t they? We celebrate first love, first kiss, first salary, first day of school, first pregnancy and the list continues. First always means something special, so where does that leave us with second, third and so on?

Well, for many people, including our very own Paulus Hyu and wife, @natping, second means everything. On their journey to become parents for the second time, this lovely pair celebrated it like any true artists and photography-loving-family would, a proper maternity-meets-family session. Of course, we’re not leaving behind Bianca, the big sister-to-be and their adorable pooch. And there you have it, a wonderful keepsake for a lifetime.

As we congratulate the beautiful family on their growing brood, we also sat down with Nat to have a heart-to-heart talk. Not a lot of people realize this, but having a second baby is not always an easy decision. In these modern days of age, a lot of people are comfortable with staying single, not having any kid by choice, or being happy with just one child.

And while we’re cool with all that, we also want to applaud mommies who are going through the second, third or more pregnancies. For Nat herself, the decision came from a personal place that relates to the joy of sisterhood. Growing up with her siblings, it’s only natural for her to want to give Bianca the same gift. With 7-year age gap, Nat is ready to step out of her comfort zone and fulfill the role of motherhood all over again.

Learning the reason behind her decision to have a second baby is truly heartwarming. We also believe that each family has different reasons when expanding their family. Whether it’s the same reason as Nat’s, a different one, or even maybe for no reason at all, pregnancy is always a reason for celebration regardless if it’s the first or umpteenth time around.

Afterall, having a second baby is just like experiencing everything for the first time again. You get to fall in love for the first time with the new baby, have your first kiss again, enjoy the first milestones, and upgrade your #mompower for the first time. When we see things through this perspective, it only makes us think that each pregnancy is truly special in its own ways.

So yes, second pregnancy is just as extraordinary, exciting, beautiful and everything in between! Because double the baby, double the joy. And honestly, who doesn’t want that?

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