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The Real Value of Family Portraits
Family Portraits of Aakar Abyasa by Keefe
Aug 2019

In English words, Jouska means “a hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head. In Indonesia though, we associate it most with @jouska_id, a well-known brand for financial consultant. Or as the CEO and founder Aakar Abyasa puts it, “A Walk the Talk Independent Financial Adviser”.


Certainly, a man of his calibre needs very little introduction in our millennial generation. He is one of the few intellectuals who help us better understand the terms ‘sandwich generation’, ‘income trap’ and the likes. He is also a mentor to many in the field of financial literacy, stocks portfolio and basically everything wealth-related. At least to us, he definitely is. 


When we got the chance to do his photoshoot for a family portrait, you can bet that we’re not going to miss the opportunity to pick his brilliant brain. And the topic is still not far from his expertise: The Value of Family Portrait. 


Compared to others, we can tell that Aakar has no problem putting prices onto things. Afterall, he deals with it on a daily basis. Whatever numbers there are, he probably has seen and handled them. So when we sat him down, we expected nothing less than being thrown with a lot of pricing knowledge our way. 


Aakar broke it down plain and simple. There are things that are considered costs, then there are things that are called worthy investments. For him, a family portrait belong to the latter for obvious reasons. A strong believer in family values, Aakar and his wife has made the conscious decision to preserve memories in the form of family portrait – even starting from day one. 


As his family grows, he keeps his promise by frequently making an effort to set aside time amidst his busy schedule, groom and style up, then head down to a photo studio for a family photo. He takes it as a way to invest his time with the family, freezing it in form of quality remembrance with long-lasting payback. No, it’s not a growing bank account, but better, a remedy for the soul whenever he needs it. 


Each family portrait takes him back to the time when his kids were way smaller. Each smile shows him their milestones. Each emotion tells a love story of him and the wife. All the details so vivid that it’s like he’s living right through every moment, like the richest man the world has ever seen. 


He said it best with “It’s not about the price, it’s about the feeling”. You may spend little to a fortune in the making of a family portrait. You can have your friends take it or professionals like us, but the most important thing is make sure you do it right. Why? Because there is no do-over in that exact moment, not even when you have the money to buy it back. Make sure you get your emotions captured right, your history on-the-mark, and your legacy continues on. 


So, what is the value of a family portrait? It’s not just valuable, it’s priceless. 



Want your own priceless family portrait captured perfectly? Let your moments live on with the storytellers who know it best. Enjoy our special AXIOO Family Package and check out our works here. 


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