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I’m a Princess and That’s a Good Thing
Kids Compilation by William Xu
Aug 2019

What do Disney princesses have in common? They’re pretty, wear nice dresses and usually live in big fancy castles. Oh, and they very often need saving by a handsome prince before living a happily-ever-after ending. 



If you have an idea that princesses are weak or not very good at most things, we don’t blame you. But give us some time to change your perspective, because all it takes is a bit of understanding to know that our Disney princesses are more than just pretty faces!


Take Cinderella for example, the iconic princess saved by a ball invitation and a pair of shoes. We learned from her that there is great strength in kindness and perseverance, that it’s okay to do things for yourself and others, and to never stop believing in your dreams. Because believe it or not, fairy godmothers do exist, in one form or another. 


What about Rapunzel? Sure, she only left her tower to follow a strange man, but you have to give it to her for stepping out of her comfort zone. She is fearless, never gives up and she always listens to that little voice inside her, leading her to the rightful identity. 


There’s also the super sisters from Frozen who prove that even though siblings may quarrel over differences and even choices of men, blood always runs deeper than water. There’s power in two and that bond shall never ever die.


Don’t even get us started on Jasmine who kicks ass both in her gown and harem pants. She’s been feisty from the start, sneaking out her palace and doing right by her people. Certainly, you can’t expect less than a girl who befriends a tiger as her BFF right? 


And last but not least, there’s the little mermaid Ariel. We learned that our voice is the most important thing about us, that we all make mistakes, but it is most important to always follow our dreams. 


We also want to mention that friendship is a big common theme in all our Disney princesses’ world. Without their sidekicks or companions, we know that these strong women probably won’t end up where they are supposed to be in life. So always treat your friends right, even if it’s a person, horse, bird, or even a mouse. 


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