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Destined for Growth
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Aug 2019


“Perseverance [produces] character; and character, hope.”


Every living thing on this earth is destined for growth: the grass in your backyard, your puppy or pet fish, or even the fungus you find creeping on the two-weeks-old toast that you somehow forgot to throw out. People are living things — and so they are naturally programmed to grow. Because people never stay the same, their relationship with one another is dynamic, too. Their relationship grows just as the individuals themselves grow.


But, just like the mold on your bread, things don’t always grow in the right direction or in a positive light. When these ever-evolving living things are neglected, their growth can become a parasite or toxic to other living beings. 


To keep something growing in the right direction, perseverance becomes the main ingredient. It’s not that you are ever required to use your strength to grow something, because things naturally grow. Instead, your strength is needed to persevere after having sown the seeds. To persevere is to remain diligent despite difficulties or delays in seeing an outcome — to never miss a day when it comes to watering the seeds you’ve sown. To persevere is to develop patience as you wait for the fruit to appear — to not exhaust yourself by wondering why you haven’t seen any results yet, even after you’ve put in so much effort and energy into it. 


Beginning something is often very easy, but having the patience to stay put and get through something can be a lot harder.


Falling in love is easy, but it requires a lot more work to stay in love.


To persevere in love, you have to pay attention to the things that you’ve allowed to grow in your hearts. You must be extra cautious with things like unforgiveness, envy, or lust, as they all have the potential to grow, especially when the heart is neglected. 


In its own time, your perseverance will bear fruit. It will produce the character and patience you need for the future of your relationships. Without character, patience, and hope, there is a huge chance that you will miss the beauty that your relationship was initially designed for.


So, continuously tend to the garden of your heart, and persevere in the midst of chaos or uncertainty. Once you finally see the fruit and uncover the purpose of your relationship, every drop of sweat and every second you put into cultivating the seeds will all be worth it. 





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