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The Thing That Keeps You Going
Prewedding of Brian & Regina by Ivan
Jul 2019

Always remember the “why” behind the “I do”.


Don’t cease to remind yourself the purpose of your courtship. 


If you could’ve done things by yourself, why did you agree to the other’s help?

If you could’ve travelled solo, why did you choose a travelling companion?

If you were created whole, why did you decide to join hands with a whole other person?


The strength of a relationship is found in its “why”. Once it goes on without a purpose, you will soon find that the relationship suddenly becomes irrelevant to the world — it becomes unneeded or outdated. Because, when two people fall in love, it isn’t just the two lives that are changed, but the world around them transforms, too. That’s the power of love: its influence goes beyond the couple. Without meaning, or without a solution to offer to the world, the relationship withers. Like a flower that is unwatered, the relationship dries out, its essence taken away. And so, the garden loses its beauty, too. 


Because love doesn’t just exist for the pleasure of those who believe in it, but it also exists because the world needs more of it. Love exists to bring bright hope into a dark, hopeless, and messy world. Love is passionate about giving. It thrives in an environment where it can produce the most fruit: in a place where it can abundantly give, instead of just receiving. 


Perhaps you said “I do” because changing the world is not a one man, or woman, show;

Or because, with four feet, you can go further than you ever will with only two;

Or because that, together, you can solve problems neither of you could on your own.


Your “why” may be different, but it is guaranteed that it will keep the both of you going, no matter how hard the journey is. 





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