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Will You Ever Be “Ready” For a Baby?
Maternity of Ketty by Vania
Jul 2019

Humans are creatures of habit. Like it or not, our actions are shaped by our comfort zones rather than our conscious decisions. So it’s no surprise when are given options, we tend to stick to what we know best: our daily norms, no drastic change, just our good ol’ self. 

On the other hand, babies are all about big changes. True, some pregnancies are planned, but a lot of them are sudden gifts. And while you are given nine whole months to prepare, even the best of mommies-to-be may get cold feet and ask the million dollar question: “Am I ready yet?”

In making their grand entrance, babies tend to come out unannounced. Sure, we can plan or estimate the due date, but chances are it’s going to be still quite unexpected when the time comes. Sometimes they come early, others maybe later – but they are coming, whether you’re ready or not. 

The thing is, this concept of “ ready” is an elusive thing. You can be confidently ready one minute, and plan to back out the very next. Instead of selling yourself on the idea of readiness, here are a few things that we recommend you do instead : Fill your days with good thoughts, better friends, and best of foods. Find comfort in encouraging words, lots of prayers, and old wisdom. Seek joy in every new thing and also hand-me-downs. Continue to pray and for the sake of sanity, find yourself a good sense of humor – if you haven’t already owned one. 

As crazy as it sounds, motherhood isn’t about getting ready. Heck, maybe even life itself is not about getting ready. So will you ever be ready for a baby? Maybe yes, maybe no and maybe it doesn’t matter, cause therein lies the complicated beauty:  it’s hard but can be the most freeing feeling in the world too. 








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