Photography : She Said Yes
How to Love
Prewedding of Dodo & Katherine by David Soong
Jul 2019

“How may I love you? 

Or how do I make you love me?



Is there a list that I can follow, a list of things that will make you smile?

Should I buy you flowers, or dedicate a whole garden for you in my backyard? 

Should I drive you home every night, and never cease to pick you up first thing in the morning?

I would write you a poem, a song to touch your tender heart. I would hold you in my arms in the darkest cave and carry you through, until we meet face to face with daylight. I would ask the sun to stop and the moon to hold its breath, if time is what you require.


I wish to never see the curve of your mouth turn downwards. 

So, what can I do to make you feel my love 

for the rest of your life?”



“But darling, Love is more than just about ‘doing’. Love is about ‘being’.

You don’t have to strive mercilessly to express your Love for me. There is no better way to show me Love than to just be yourself — the person that I fell in love with.

Your very existence is Love. Love is who you are, Love is embedded within you.

When you have embraced the fact that you are one with Love, everything you do will naturally flow out of it, flow out of Love.


Love isn’t just about feelings, not just about keeping me happy. If we must grow to become who we are created to be, then it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows, all smiles and laughter. Being pruned hurts, being chiselled off is painful. But we are pruned and chiselled off so that the very core of our being is revealed. And at the very core of our being… is Love.


Love me by being secure with yourself, 

by being yourself.

Because there is no one in this world that I would rather be with 

than the real you.”


We had the chance to have a chit chat with these two adorable lovebirds where they shared a little bit of their love story. Here you go!


1. How did you two meet and where? Do you still remember your first date, what was it like?

“We were introduced by a mutual friend back in 2016. And yes, I still remember our first date. He took me to a Japanese restaurant. We talked all night and we just clicked.”Kath


2. Can you share some of your memorable dating moments? By the way, how long have you been dating?

“We’ve been dating for almost 3 years. Our memorable dating moment was when Dodo asked me to be his girlfriend. We were having dinner at my favourite Japanese restaurant and suddenly the waitress came to our table bringing 2 large bouquets of flowers. I was confused so I asked what are these for? And Reinaldo replied to commemorate the day we became boyfriend-girlfriend. So basically, he didn’t ask me to become his girlfriend, but rather announcing/stating our relationship. Quite a confident man, Reinaldo!”  – Kath


3. What do you like most about each other? Is there a special moment that you will remember for always?

“I would say, we pretty much understand each other. If a conflict or tension emerges between us, we would always work it out. A special moment that we will always remember is when we decided to extend our trip to Paris after our pre-wedding photoshoot. It was a perfect getaway for us and it gave us peace in the midst of our busy days of wedding planning. Yay to pre-honeymoon!” – Kath 


4. Tell us more about you. What would a typical day for you be like? What are your hobbies? Do you have something unique that you collect or spend on?

“I am a morning person, so I typically wake up early in the morning, go to the gym and then straight to work. After that, I would have dinner with Reinaldo or my family and then I go to bed. Reinaldo is not a morning person, so he wakes up then straight to work, after that he would go to the gym and have dinner with me or his family.


My hobby revolves around something related with music and travel. While Reinaldo’s hobby is going to the gym and play soccer. Things that we love to do together is traveling, watching movies, and playing games together. I collect music box while Reinaldo collects anything related to Iron Man.” – Kath


5. What are your favorite songs and movies?

“Watching Game of Thrones is one of our dating regimes. We would wait for each episode to be released and we would watch it on the first day it airs. We also like oldies and romantic love songs.” – Kath


6. When did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with each other? Did he propose? How was the proposal?

“That night when I first saw her. I told my friends “I think I just found my wife.” – Reinaldo


“I don’t remember the exact moment but over the years, Reinaldo’s efforts and love made me realize I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anybody else.” – Kath


“Yes, he did propose! Long story short, he booked a photo session through Sweet Escape app and he forgot that the email used was my email. A day before the proposal, I got an email from Sweet Escape saying we will be having photoshoot tomorrow at 8 with Lisa. And I asked him, ‘We have a photo session tomorrow with Lisa?’ and he replied ‘How do you know?!’ – I said ‘I got an email from Sweet Escape.’ Reinaldo’s face turned red and he began drinking a full glass of water. That was funny. But the next day I still don’t know where we would go to take pictures. That morning in Trocadero he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After a long emotional speech from Reinaldo, I cried happy tears and of course I said yes <3” – Kath 


7. Tell us your photoshoot experience with us!

“Our pre-wedding photoshoot was awesome! Awie was very professional and he knows exactly what to do, he made us feel at ease that we can relax and enjoy the moment. Choosing Awie as our photographer was one of the best decisions that we made because we had a great chemistry with him. We explored a lot of places and it felt more like an adventure rather than just a usual photoshoot.”  – Kath 


8. What characteristics can most describe Dodo?

“He is kind, patient, and always extra.” 🙂 – Kath


9. What characteristics can most describe Katherine?

“She is fierce, kind, and thoughtful.” – Reinaldo


10. Describe your relationship in 5 words!

“Loving, caring, romantic, fun, and extra!”


11. What is something you do/a habit that is unique to both of you? Something that makes you different from other couples?

“Since Reinaldo is not a morning person, I have become his living alarm; giving him morning calls to make sure he’s up on time is a habit that is unique I think. We are both very family oriented and we enjoy spending time with each other’s families. We spend a lot of time with our families. All the cousins, uncles, aunties are super fun! That is rare.” – Kath 


12. What is one thing that the other person does that makes you feel most loved?

“I feel most loved whenever she listens to my stories and more than that, she understands me.” – Reinaldo 

“I feel most loved when he prioritizes me.” – Kath 


13. What was your first impression of him/her? How much has the way you look at him/her change now?

“My first impression of Kath is that she is motherly, kind, beautiful, and independent. That impressions haven’t changed… but one thing has changed, from her calm appearance, she turned out to be a very loud and chatty person.” – Reinaldo


“The first time we met, my impression towards him was that he’s a typical bad boy and I didn’t want to have anything to do with him. But I stood corrected once I got to know him, he turned out to be a very fine gentleman.” – Kath


14. Do you have Valentine’s day or Anniversary tradition?

“Yes, on both of those special days he would send me flowers and take me out on a dinner date. The past couple of years we have created a new tradition; for our anniversary, he would take me to Disneyland and spend some quality time.” – Kath 






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