Videography : Tying The Knot
Can You Imagine It?
Wedding Trailer of Michael & Sarah by Kalvin Ananda
Jul 2019

Life is a Great Storyteller, revealing only bits and pieces along the way as we take our own time and turn the pages of our story one page after another. 



Five years ago, we would not have thought that we would be where we are right now, doing all the things we are doing, and having this many responsibilities. Even now, our efforts in predicting the future will often be in vain because nothing is absolutely certain. All around us is a blanket of fog, and we only have with us a small light to guide our every step…


… and our imagination to propel us to take that step. 


Ever since we were children, we had been given the gift of imagination. Our imagination is free and limitless, unbound by time. We could create as many images and stories in our heads as we want to. The only way we could limit its freedom is by turning those imaginings into what we call ‘expectations’.


Expectations lie in the middle of fantasy and reality. In fact, it brings our imagination down into the level of our reality. We can imagine our ideal self, ideal partner, ideal relationship, and when we expect ourselves or our partners to match that imagination of ours, we have successfully turned them into ‘expectations,’ which, in essence, are an unnecessary burden for anybody to carry. Expectations can drive or push some people to ‘work harder’, but, at the same time, can also drive others away and shut them down. We’ve all experienced unmet expectations, but have you heard of ‘unmet imaginations’?


Imaginations can’t be unmet. Imagination, instead, brings your situations into the right kind of light, where there is neither pressure nor disappointment. 


On your wedding day, in your marriage, or even as you are looking for ‘the one’, do not put limitations on your experience by setting too many expectations. Prepare or do your best and let your imagination be your imagination. By faith, the Great Storyteller will take that imagination in our little, limited minds and develop it into something extravagant, beyond what we could ever imagine.


Perhaps, you have expected much for your wedding day. Of course we all want and expect everything to be flawless. But, when the day finally comes, there is going to be this feeling that you just can’t shake — you won’t even know whether it is exactly like what you have expected at all. That is the Great Storyteller taking you on a detour: it wants you to experience something more, not just to simply meet your expectations.


Perhaps, it’s a good idea to just hold on to that child-like imaginative wonder. You’ll realise that there are many things to be grateful for when you let go of the burden of your expectations and trust that the Great Storyteller has your best interest at heart. 



Much love,


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