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My Child, My Mentor
Baby Janice Portraits by Keefe
Jul 2019

From ABC’s to 123,
From putting on shoes to brushing their teeth.
Without us, honestly, where would you be?


As a parent, you probably ask that question at least once in your life. You may even shake your head disapprovingly each time your child fail to do the most menial task. 


But every once in a while, when one could be so lucky to see, you have to admit that it is often the other way around. Yes, sometimes the tables are turned, and it is your child who is holding the end of the teaching stick, while we become the enlightened parents. 


We, adults, have often forgotten about the little things that make it all worthwhile. We got frustrated, angry, or even pessimistic to try again. We’re quick to judge others, clouded with opinions, unwilling to forgive, much less to forget, and we let time pass us day by day. 


But for a child, every day is a fresh start. Every canvas is an exciting opportunity for new creativity. They jump head first at every challenge, scaring and scarring us in the process. They laugh everyday, they cry the loudest, they forgive and forget, they know how to appreciate, and they treasure friends and other priceless things over all materialistic values. 


Sure, those all sound possible because they are young or naive. Still, there’s something so admirable in a child that you can’t help but feel like you maybe don’t have a clue for anything at all in the first place. 


You can teach them numbers, but they’re the ones who know how to make moments count. 

You can teach them alphabets, but it’s them who knows the real meaning of small things. 

You can teach them about time, but it is them with the ability to be in the moment. 

You can teach them a lot of things, but in return, you really are the one who learns.


So today, maybe take a pause at life and see how your child try and do things. Watch how carefree, simple, and truly happy they can be. Even better, let’s learn from them. Because we know for a fact, sometimes the smallest person has the biggest lessons to teach. 


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