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A Madre’s Love
Pregnancy Story of Kimmy Jayanti by Vania
Jul 2019

Pregnancy is a million wonderful things, butterflies, rainbows

and unicorns combined – maybe even more!


But pregnancy too, is a scary thing, especially so for first-timers. Before your body even changes form, your mind races with different scenarios everyday. Many experience unpleasant bouts of sickness, hormone fluctuations, and the list goes on. Simply put, it ain’t easy being pregnant.


From the pregnancy journey of our fabulous client – Kimmy Jayanti-, she admitted to having her own shares of worry and fear. Like many of us, she too got spooked over horror pregnancy stories she’s heard from others’ experience. She knew too motherhood is going to be equally hard, if not more.


But as she was ushered in her 9-month journey, one day after another, she learned one tiny piece of wisdom that is comforting as it is true: it’s going to be okay.


She put herself into her ‘Madre’ mode, her new alter ego who’s not only strong but able to enjoy every waking minute of life. She told herself that it’s okay to feel down or cry, it’s okay to be lost and make mistakes along the way. What matters is prioritizing health, sanity, and baby, no matter what that may be.


Moreover, it’s perfectly okay to just wing the whole pregnancy and mother thing, learning as you go along. Sleep when your baby sleeps, pause if you can’t handle it, or take a breather in the midst of it all. And her strategy with unwanted new-mommies advice? A polite smile followed with a friendly nod before sending and wishing them well on their ways.


Lucky for Madre, she was blessed with a smooth sailing pregnancy all the way from the first trimester to the full term. But even if it hadn’t been as smooth, we’re pretty sure she would have nailed it.  As for now, we believe this new family is having the time of their lives, enjoying episodes of chaos and happiness equally to the fullest moments.


Whatever family-hood brings to Madre, Padre, and Dedre, good or bad, we got a feeling that they’ll just pause and say ‘it’s going to be okay’. And you know what? They really will be.




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