Don’t Forget Dads
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Jun 2019

People tend to glorify and focus more on the role of the mother in the realm of parenting. We start seeing adverts for Mother’s Day months beforehand. So much goes into letting moms know how much they are appreciated, as it should be. But why isn’t the same true for Father’s Day?


The unsung hero of the family is Dad. Being a Dad is really hard work, not for the faint of heart. It takes courage, and sometimes double. For a man to take on the role of a husband and father, is already something.


Men are not wired naturally for parenthood. So it takes them double the effort to change a diaper without wasting a box of wipes, to feed a child and get the food mostly in the mouth and not on the cheek, to decipher a baby’s cry or even to tell a ‘decent’ bedtime story that does not involve some bizarre action horror details. They may do things a little different, but that does not make them wrong or any less just because it is not the ‘mom’s way’.


True, they don’t get to carry and nurture a baby in their body for nine months and go through labor pain. But remember the doctor’s appointment they never missed, the worries that they share with you if anything is amissed with the baby, the countless times he made sure you get your cravings meet, assuring you that everything is going to be alright when it’s nearing labor time meanwhile he is trying to calm his own nerves too silently.


They way they see you before and after birth. To comment that you are still beautiful even though you are bare-faced and mostly on your PJs. To still kiss you even when you have not showered, let alone wash your hair. He made sure you know that he loves you.


Men are used to taking care of things silently, almost as an expectation. They naturally work harder when a child is due and when a man becomes a father, ambition and passion often take a back seat to the need to provide for his family. It’s like his natural instinct. To put his needs aside and care for his family first.


A father is that first picture of manhood and leadership that a son receives, and the first male model of love and care that his daughter experiences.


Our Dads have never expected to be recognized or celebrated, and that’s exactly why they should be. To all Dads around the world, Happy Father’s Day!



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