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Your Presence, My Home
The Wedding of Leo & Shally by Ivan
May 2019

We all know what it’s like to feel lost. Perhaps, we’ve been led astray into an unfamiliar path in life, or perhaps we’ve found ourselves having grown out of the place we used to call home. We feel lost in our work, finding that we spend our days counting down the hours until the night falls, just trying to get by all the tasks at hand. Sometimes, we find ourselves out of place or stuck in a situation we could never have imagined we would be in. And when feelings of frustration start to kick in, more often than not, the only thing that is available for us to do is to make the brave decision and go in search of a new thing. Something new that excites us, sparks something in us, something that breathes in us a new life.


Life is a cycle of searching, waiting, finding, and losing. Remember this, the next time you feel lost, because that feeling might just be a sign from the universe, telling you that a new cycle is coming. That, soon enough, it will be time for you to get up again, and pursue again.


The desire to search for and find a new direction and purpose in life is often built upon our desire to find a new home. The idea of ‘settling down’ is appealing to us, because we crave for a place that we can call ‘home’. A place we can go back to when the outside world fails us, a place where our energy is restored, a place we can feel most cared for and loved. But home isn’t always just a place. Home can be a non-place, too. The idea of home can be transient, it can exist and be accessed solely in our own minds. And, because of that, home can often be found in the arms of another person.


When we get to be with the right person, their very being can feel like home to us, a sanctuary in which our heart, mind, and soul comfortably resides. It doesn’t matter where our feet take us, as long as we stick to one another, we will find home in the very presence of each other. Having a home means that we are committed to the construction and the caring of it, or in this case, the marriage. To have found a place to belong means that we will no longer feel the need to seek temporary and cheap pleasures in the outside world. Having a place to belong allows us to be fully ourselves in the presence of each other.


Home is not just found in a building, it can be found in the presence of the right person.




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