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Treasures on the Other Side
The Pre-Wedding of Jack & Fraya by Will
May 2019

All of life is uncertain, it isn’t even a hundred-percent guaranteed that the sun will rise again tomorrow. The certainty of uncertainty leaves us with no other choice but to learn to deal with it over the course of time. Life wants for us to learn to embrace change, to be flexible, and to not be afraid of new beginnings.


Some of us, we are so passionate about making plans that our biggest fear is when our plans get interrupted. We end up trusting our plans more than we trust ourselves. We trust the product of our human minds more than we trust our instinctive capabilities of adapting to change.


Perhaps, the miracle happens when we are able to gather up our strength and be brave enough to turn the page and enter a new, unfamiliar chapter. Perhaps, the miracle is that we had gone through some of the most joyous seasons in our lives before, eventually, having to go through the darkest of valleys, and yet, we have somehow succeeded in mustering up the courage to give ourselves another chance, take another step, and start again. The miracle is that we are now still standing with both feet, with an excitement for the future that is greater than anything the past can offer. The miracle is, perhaps, that we have now learned to embrace change.


Love is all things nice, flowery, timeless, and comforting — but comfort can also be a trap. The existence of love should be the very thing that allows us to constantly evolve, get out of our comfort zones, and become our most courageous selves. Don’t be afraid to start afresh, even when it comes to love. Starting a new chapter isn’t easy, but it isn’t as scary as we think it is. That uncharted sea looks grim, but in reality, it isn’t as terrifying as what people say about it. Have faith in yourself, that you have everything you need on the boat, even if the storm comes.


Because if you don’t set sail, you’ll never know what treasures await you on the other side.




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