Videography : Tying The Knot
Pure Chemistry
Same Day Edit Video of Todd & Vinisha by Kalvin Ananda
May 2019

‘Quirky’ is the perfect word to describe Vinisha and Todd’s relationship. Before I met them face-to-face, I was told three things about them: that they love Super8 films, ‘Wes Anderson’ kind of frames, and that they are awkward in front of the camera. But, somewhere in the back of my head, I knew that this was not going to be your typical Indian wedding.


Vinisha and Todd tried to convince us that they must have been the hardest pair to shoot — because of their awkwardness in front of the camera. However, I actually found their chemistry to be very sincere and real, and that kind of chemistry is actually more than enough to be captured on camera.


I remember every time Todd entered the room, Vinisha’s face would light up, and Todd would always ask, “How are you today? Are you good?” This is something that I find very interesting about them — a gesture that is very simple, yet deep and adoring.


It is almost impossible not to love mixed-culture weddings, especially a wedding like Todd and Vinisha’s. It was a day full of love, affections, and quirkiness! I truly wish them both a lifetime full of adorable quirks, authentic love, and ‘awkward’, but sincere, moments.






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