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Happy International Family Day!
Family Portraits - #ibelonghere series by Keefe
May 2019

Family. It’s where life begins and love never ends. There’s a special place in our hearts for families and the connections found in between the diversity of its members.


Everyone has different characters, their own stories and meaning. Each of them trying to discover the best ways to not only co-exist but thrive among, to cherish and even to nurture one another. They continuously search for joy in between the mess, believing wholeheartedly that it is indeed a privilege to be a part of the family, despite of it. No matter how inconvenient, how tough, how erratic, how crazy they find themselves within their family, they know that they will never have to feel lonely, abandoned or neglected, because in between the ups and downs of their relationships, they always, always, always, find home.


To celebrate the wonders of family on this International Day of Family, BabyAXIOO is proud to present a short movie, featuring four families, who, despite their very different stories and circumstances, are equally inspiring. In creating this, we have learned volumes from Ario and Nucha, the millennial parent-visits who speaks about teamwork and promotes equality within the parental units, from Augie and Diana about enduring missed birthdays, missed anniversaries, and missed milestones as the head of the family serves his time in prison, from Jeffrey and Agatha Such about patience and passion in raising children with special needs, from Andra Alodita about perseverance and going through great heights to conceive through IVF, and from Ruth Amigia about parenting through grief and finding a family even when her husband was taken away from her so suddenly. Every story touched our hearts so much that we’d be selfish to keep it all to ourselves. We hope that it will inspire you as it inspired us.


To be in a family is a privilege. As we celebrate families, throughout the month of May, we are offering a special promotion for family photo sessions with Vania, Keefe and William. Contact us for details.






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