Photography : She Said Yes
The Story of Love
The Pre-Wedding of Julius & Jesslyn by Dre
May 2019

There is a beginning to the thing we call “love”,

and, even now,

it is still evolving.


Once upon a time, marriage was about fulfilling the interests and desires of families. It was once about the continuation of a lineage. People marry because society tells them that they have to, in order to survive a world that is so dependent on the economy. Love saw through a time when feelings were second most important, even unnecessary; A time when love was merely a matter of wealth, power, and status.


But, there was a point in time when the tables started to turn. Over time, one by one, our ancestors realized that there was something burning within them when they were with the one they “loved”–though they did not know much about what that meant. To them, it was a new sense of passion and longing, and they slowly started to follow it. They felt and followed a feeling that is so controversial, a feeling that could shatter the constructs of society.


There was a time when our ancestors decided to follow their hearts instead of their needs and their traditions, as rebellious as that was. They realized that they wanted to live in a passionate and happy marriage for the rest of their lives. They realized that they wanted to live, and not just to survive life. Decisions upon decisions like this were made, and here we find ourselves today, seeing glorifications of “love” in almost every second of our lives.


Now, we know so well the idea and the feeling of falling in love. “Romance” is what we call it. This word finds its roots in French, initially used to point to “narratives”. And it’s true, romantic love invites a narrative into our lives. The idea that our lives are “stories” to be told sprouted from a complete understanding of love. Romance brought with it a beautiful cultural awakening–novels, poems, and other forms of art came along the emergence of the idea of “romance”.


In our lives, love brings with it a sense of passion, wonder, and peace when it steps in. The right kind of love creates within us a unique complexity that brings us closer and closer to our true nature as a unique and complex individual. With our lovers, we go through so many processes. At times, we fly high above the clouds. Other times, we collapse to the ground, accusing our lovers to have disappointed us. We fail, we learn, we thrive, and grow within the context of love. We owe it all to love, for carving out a story in our hearts, so that we can see glimpses of what eternity looks like.


Stories are one-of-a-kind, different to everyone, even among the generations that have lived on earth. Every love story is different, as unique as our fingerprints are. So, let us embrace the uniqueness and complexity of our own one-of-a-kind stories.






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