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Wow, I’m Someone’s Mom!
Adryanto & Ella Maternity by William Xu
Apr 2019

Dear Mamas-to-be, 


Imagine this: you’re at a restaurant. You’re looking at the menu and you’re almost salivating as you read the juicy words. You feel an appetite coming on. You can’t decide. The chicken or the beef? The pasta or the rice? The savory sauce or the sweeter option? A little amouse-bouche perhaps? Topped with dessert? You’re suddenly ravenous. And just like that, you order two – maybe even three – things on the menu. You don’t usually eat this much… but, you conveniently tell yourself, “I’m eating for two!” 


How many here have found themselves in similar situation? I know I have – in more than one occasion. Isn’t it convenient to remember the occupant of Hotel Uterus at times like those, but a little harder when we have to pass something up because we are, in fact, “eating for two”? Like that time when the salmon sashimi at your favorite sushi place looked mouthwateringly fresh? 


Ordering at our favorite restaurant might not even be the only hard decision we have to make. We have to alter lifestyle in so many aspects, because we are consciously aware that being a mother changes us in so many ways. To allow our bodies to grow a human being changes the way we think, the way we see, the way we eat, and the way we go about life entirely. It forces us to wait and to enjoy the season even when we don’t want to. It makes us endure emotions and physical tolls that we can’t wait to pass. Whether it is our first, your second, or your fifth pregnancy, it always, always changes us. 


The wait to finally hold our babies in our arms can be excruciatingly painful sometimes, because the entire process of becoming a mother is hard. But we have got to remember that it is ever so worth it. It is not easy, but we have got to believe that the payoff is worth it. The next time we look at ourselves in the mirror or whenever we gaze down at our ever-growing bellies, let’s take a moment to love what we see: our bodies growing a human being that we will love for the rest of our lives. Let’s think about no matter what we’re going through, no matter how hard, we are – already, at this very moment – someone’s mother. Let it sink in that from this moment onwards, it’s not about us anymore, because every sacrifice we will ever make would only be to show our children just how much we already love them. 



With love, 


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