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A Purposeful Night
The Wedding of Indra & Yuanita by Ivan
Apr 2019

In the course of a lifetime, there are going to be two weddings that you can never erase from the bank of your memories:



Your own wedding, and a wedding like Indra and Yuanita’s.


They say that the marriage is always more important than the wedding, and, indeed, that is true. But, for most of us, weddings are also monumental. They are an opportunity for us to flesh out dreams that were given to us as a child.

Children are given the ability to imagine many possibilities, and out of the many possibilities that they can imagine, they dream about weddings and what they want theirs to look like — the dresses, the decor, the cake. As time passes by, and as they go through multiple wedding parties, they become familiar to it. And by the time they get to their own wedding, they see it as a mere gimmick,

and completely lose their wonder of it.


The idea of throwing a wedding party is to call people in, to invite people to enjoy and bask in your joy alongside you as you mark the beginning of a life-changing new chapter. Its purpose is to be a platform for you to share your future hopes and dreams with those that are close to you, a platform on which you have the opportunity to share part of your story and journey and bless others unconditionally.


Indra and Yuanita’s wedding is the perfect embodiment of this. At a glance, their wedding was beautiful. The carefully-planned-out sort of beautiful. But, take a deeper look, and you’ll see that the beauty actually lies in the journey that they went through together. It was a journey shared with many people — the guests spent their nights together, seeing each other first thing in the morning, sharing inside jokes, unforgettable conversations, and created new bonds and relationships.


Wedding parties were never meant to only fulfill personal desires. What if there is so much more to throwing parties than we think, that we can channel the gift of beautiful memories and joy to people through these parties?







Make-up & Hair: @cherryjks

Wedding Dress: @by_fettyrusli

Crown: @rinaldyyunardi

Jewelry: @adellejewellery

Men’s Formal Attire: @wonghangtailor

Wedding Consultant: @by.hilda

Wedding Organizer: @amoretti_awp

Media Partner: @thebridestory

Invitation & Souvenirs: @memento_idea

Bridesmaid & Best Man Box: @memento_idea

Parent’s Gift: @myrosepompon

Mom & Sister of the Bride & Groom Make-up and Hair: @cherryjks & team

Bride & Groom Family Attire: @pizzarosensationdesign

Mom & Sister of the Bride Dress: @yclionk

Mom & Sister of the Groom Dress: @bypriscaadelina

Hand Bouquet and Boutonniere:

Bridesmaid Dress: @petiteandthebuns

Bride Robe: @bride_kit


MC: @sitohangchoky

Worship Leader: @billysimpson

Wedding Venue: @dreamcruiseline


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