Videography : She Said Yes
A Rush of Energy
Prewedding Film of Samuel & MJ by Dimar
Apr 2019

There can never be enough explanations, calculations or mathematical equations strong enough to prove why, out of all the many sunsets this world has gone through, out of all the dry land this world offers to us to set our feet upon,


a powerful force ultimately chooses to unite

two particular souls together,

at a particular time,

in a particular place.


This force will align all of heaven and earth in order to bring them together. Its divine calculations will see it through that an overlapping in time and space occurs, leading those souls to finally meet with each other. Through words of beauty and charm, these two souls will connect to one another with an energy like no other… a human-made energy we now call “chemistry”. A chemistry so strong that it becomes, mistakably, a foundation on which a lifelong journey is then built upon.


These two will set out on that adventure together. Under bright city lights and highrises, in between the rush of cars and flickering street lamps, they will sprint down the road, keeping their eyes and hearts fresh. A rush of adrenaline, life, intense feelings and emotions, flow through their veins as they keep on going further and further, together. A synergy occurs, and just as they have received life, so will they let that life overflow to those within their reach.


Though their energies will be in sync, they will start to get tired and weary. A time when they run on ‘empty’ will come, and it will surprise them in the way that this lack of energy will try to pull and break them apart. From this point on, they will attempt to learn of other sources of energy to keep them full. And though they end up full, they will find themselves still as further apart as ever.


So they will, over the years, realize that to sustain this connection is to go back to that powerful force that united them in the first place. That which has brought them together initially, will never let them run dry, let alone separate them.


After all, what can’t a powerful force — which is able to align heaven and earth just so that two souls can be united — do?






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