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Writing A Letter to Our Babies
Maternity Portraits of Christin & Jatin by Vania
Apr 2019

Pregnancy is a thrilling time, filled with so many changes – physically and emotionally. Nine months can fly by in a blink of an eye and yet, it can still feel so long as we anticipate the arrival of our bundle of joy. Bloatedness, swelling feet, discomfort – we went through it all. Fear, wonder, excitement, confusion – we felt it all too. And it’s hard to keep track of all of it.


We spend so much time during pregnancy just thinking about the logistics, such as getting the nursery ready, developing the dream registry, picking out a name, figuring out our maternity leaves, planning our birth and getting into our prenatal appointments. It’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget the reason behind all of it: we’re having a baby! On top of it all, we seem to conveniently forget about our “pregnancy brain”, the one that won’t allow us to store much of the memories of what we went through.


We believe that documenting our journey is the best way to share our story with our children and that writing letters to our unborn babies are the best way to connect with them as we wait for their arrival. Not only that, but writing our journey down on paper will also help us to reflect on this moment of our lives – to feel and to remember why we’re here.


We want to invite you to write a letter to your unborn baby. We know that it can feel a little awkward in the beginning. So, to help you get started, we made a Baby AXIOO template letter for you to fill out. Search deep within yourself, and just pour out your feelings. It’s a great exercise to reconnect with yourself and to connect with your baby. It will also make a great entry for the baby book too!




Once you’ve downloaded the template and written your letter, upload it to your Instagram story and tag @babyaxioo for a chance to win a FREE Baby AXIOO Gift Card.

Download the template here (link)

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